sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2009


I am pleased to announce that Rodrigo Andolfato is starting at DESEG/CONOR on 23 July 2008. He is working in the headquarters of the Central Bank. We are sure he will be a great asset to the bank, because he has a degree in Business Administration and four years experience in that subject. He worked in a wholesaler Martins opering a Central Control, and after he worked in the Bank of Brazil, but he didn’t like the last job so he left. On his last job he lived in another city, too small, and far way from his parents and friends. And he stayed alone. He missed his city and his relatives and friends, and gave up that job and returned to Belo Horizonte. Then, he worked in CEMIG, electrical company. And when he was there, he studied for the Central Bank’s contest. He passed in the examination and he is very happy to work here now, in the Security Department, as my colleague. A piece of good news is that he is an intelligent man, and a good colleague. He likes to write and he has a blog. In his blog he relates his experience in contest of Central Bank. And he likes writing some horror stories in his blog too. He likes riding a bicycle too; he usually comes to bank by bicycle. On his vacations he likes to travel within the country and abroad. On the first vacation from the bank he visited New York with his wife.Leia sobre o concurso do Banco Central aqui

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